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Payroll Services and Processes

For contractors and supply staff

We will ensure that the rate you receive, whether it’s day to day, supply or a long term contract, reflects your qualifications, experience and the work that you do. To process a pay claim all you will need to do is download and print out a copy of our timesheet and fill it in. Please keep a copy of your timesheet and never leave a school without getting your timesheet signed if you are working on a day-to-day booking. Long term contractors should get their timesheets signed at the end of the week and send them to us by the deadline of Monday 10 am the following week.

Once you have finished filling in the timesheet and you have it signed by authorised personnel at the school, simply fax it to 0207 404 6323 or send it to our Payroll Department at and they will do the rest.

We are aligned with a number of recognised umbrella companies.

For schools

If you are the authorising personnel at the school please fax or email a copy of the timesheet. Copies of timesheets can be ordered on request. We have two types of timesheets (see downloads above). Long term timesheets allow for single entry schools and day to day to multiples schools to be supplied by the teacher. All Prospero Teaching staff are instructed to keep copies of their timesheet.